Start in the art of magic!

Magic not only amazes people, but is also really fun and enjoyable. Besides, magic promotes concentration and creativity. Fine motor skills and dexterity as well as self-confidence are trained and strengthened by learning magic tricks. In this magic course, children are taught the basics of magic, acting and improvisation and explained in detail.

The aim is to gradually give the children a fundamental understanding of the principles of magic, as well as the associated magic tricks.

In order to meet the different time and learning needs of the children, the course is divided into two sections:

There is an interactive video course which is designed on a membership basis. The children have full access to the complete video library from this course series. A new lesson is added every week. In this way, the children can learn the art of magic step by step, independent of time and place.

On the other hand, live courses take place twice a month in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The aim is to build up a “magic group” with regular performances later on. The participating children can contribute their own thoughts and ideas. Each child has the opportunity to support the other participants in order to encourage each other and move forward together.

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