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Ludwig Döbler

Ludwig Döbler was an Austrian magician and physicist.
He developed tricks based on physics and mechanics, setting new standards.


Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin

Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin was a French magician and founder of the Théâtre Robert-Houdin magic theatre.
He is considered the father of modern magic and used innovative techniques at the time.

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Rafael Benatar

Rafael Benatar is a world-renowned expert and performer of close-up magic. Especially in the field of magic with playing cards, coins and the cups & balls. He is a translator of numerous specialized literature and author of articles in magic magazines.

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Michael Sondermeyer

Michael Sondermeyer is a German magician, dealer, publisher and reference book author.

Together with Uwe Schenk he founded in the 1990s the sic! Publishing house …

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Giacomo Bertini

Giacomo Bertini (* 09 February 1965 in Florence/Italy) is an Italian magician and author of specialized books. His book ‘Giacomo Bertini’s System For Amazement’ is a bestseller.

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Jeki Yoo

Jeki Yoo is a South Korean multi-award winning magician. Among other things, he won the championship of IBM in 2009 in the field of close-up magic.

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