10 Questions for ... Jeki Yoo

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The questions?

1. when and why did you become a magician?

Als ich 15 war, zeigte mir mein Freund einen French Drop, und seitdem habe ich mich in die Magie verliebt.
After I watched the FISM video and there were so many great magicians performed their original acts that I’d never seen before. Since then I wanted to make my own act and to compete FISM, and I started to participate the competition in nationwide in Korea. And then Asia and America. Naturally it became my job.

2. how would you characterise yourself in a few words?

Worker! Making Magic!

3. how would you describe your style?

I love Magic and Comedy , so I do Comedy magic especially on Social Media! Love sharing positive vibes with Magic. The audience are my partners and I show them a world of entertainment and wonder. I radiate joy, self-confidence and something magical.

4. who and what inspires you for your art and who are your most important role models?

There are so many magicians who inspired me.
I’ve been doing Close up and Stage, Parlor, Illusions, even Quick change. Each time, My role model was changed. But if I had to choose one, it’s David Copperfield. I grew up watching his TV specials. I love all his take and ideas, storytelling, everything. He’s a real Master Magician in all genre in Magic.

5. what do you want to trigger in the audience with your art?

I love sharing the beautiful magic, and the thoughts behind magic. I’m still trying to do my best? to share the good magic and the positive vibes with my audience.

6. what is the perfect time and place for the viewer to enjoy your art?

It’s anytime on my social media! Now I’m focusing on creating magic videos so my Instagram or YouTube channel is the best place to watch my magic!

7. how important is it for you to leave your comfort zone in art?

I never thought of this before. But if you stay your comfort zone for a long time, there’s no time to develop and learn new things. So it’s quite important to leave your comfort zone so you can make your own style, own acts.

8. what role does social media play for you?

Social media connects me to people. I’m very shy guy in real life. I don’t talk much and I’m not even a funny guy. But on Social Media, it’s very fast moving and there’s no time to digest. People easily forgot what you did. I So I can try various things, I can be any of character there.
I can be a comedian, magician, serious guy, just anything that you can try it.
And also when I post something, people gave me tons of feedbacks, and that really helped me a lot, too.
So it connects me to the world!

9. what are your short and long term goals or aspirations for your career as a magician?

Short term goal is to make my own theatrical shows and the long term goal is to make my own TV special with Magic in the States.

10. what advice would you give to young magicians?

Try to find your favorite part of magic everyday. I’ve been doing magic for 20 years. Sometimes I love magic sometimes I hate! I wanted to give my career many times. But one day I found my passion in creating magic! So it helps me to learn something new everyday. It makes me so happy when I’m creating and learning!
Keep trying to find your favorites that motivates you everyday. One day, you will achieve some valuable things from your process. Keep doing what you love ❤️

*This interview was conducted in English.


Jeki Yoo was born in South Korea on March 31, 1988. In 2006, he won the Busan International Magic Festival He is known as a contestant of seasons 12 and 16 of America’s Got Talent. In 2009, he won the Close-Up Magic Award at the IBM magic competition in the USA. The IBM is the largest worldwide association of magicians.

He now lives in Los Angeles, California.

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