10 Questions for ... Paul Gordon

Photo: private (P. Gordon)

The questions?

1. when and why did you become a magician?

I first got interested as a boy in the 1960s and joined The Sussex Magic Circle in 1976. It was my uncle who got me interested by showing me a trick when I was four years old.

2. how would you characterise yourself in a few words?

Energetic, engaging, fun and enthusiastic.

3. how would you describe your style?

See question 2.

4. who and what inspires you for your art and who are your most important role models?

Harry Lorayne is my hero in magic. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t still be in the business.

5. what do you want to trigger in the audience with your art?

Smiles and dropped Jaws.

6. what is the perfect time and place for the viewer to enjoy your art?


7. how important is it for you to leave your comfort zone in art?

I do all the time but I don’t think it’s important to.

8. what role does social media play for you?

It helps me introduce my magic to others magicians.

9. what are your short and long term goals or aspirations for your career as a magician?

Well, after 40 years of gigging I’ve now retired. I still do my magic for magicians (my books, tricks, lectures etc) so writing more books is my future in magic. My new book Card Startlers has become a major hit which is rewarding.

10. what advice would you give to young magicians?

Be really good. Work the clubs, pubs and restaurants to get experience. Try and avoid the “flourishes” route. It’s very clever but it’s not magic. It’s juggling! Get acting lessons. Be fun. Be interactive. ENTERTAIN!

*This interview was conducted in English.


Paul Gordon (born 1961 in West Sussex, England) is a professional close-up magician, publisher, author and entertainer. He is a member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

Paul Gordon is considered in the industry as one of the best entertainers with playing cards with cards. He performs regularly around the world. In addition to his performances and publications, he teaches close-up card magic to other magicians. In 1994 he was appointed ‘Associate of The Inner Magic Circle’. His books and publications are all bestsellers. In 2018, the Magic Circle awarded Paul Gordon the John Nevil Maskelyne Award for Literature.

In addition to his work as a magician, he regularly performs as a singer in a big band.

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