The philosophy of learning

The philosophy of the Magic School is ‘learning by doing’. From the first day, first project or first class, students begin to develop and contribute their own skills. The Magic School provides a safe space for magic students to discover and improve their own potential. It is learning regardless of age and level of knowledge.

Depending on the course offered by the Magic School, students receive hands-on education and practical training from our renowned lecturers through a combination of classroom sessions, webinars, workshops or video courses.

The main focus of the school is on close-up magic. This includes not only the teaching and explanation of tricks, but also the advanced training of theory, acting, movement.

What is Close-Up Magic?

Close-up magic is a form of magic in which the magician is in the immediate vicinity of the spectator. The magic happens directly in the hands of the spectator before his eyes. The performance can be given in the salon (‘cabaret’) or directly at the table. Salon magic is somewhat less ‘intimate’ than table magic. In parlour magic, the magician performs in a small room in front of his audience (including cabaret stages, living rooms, wedding parties). In table magic, magic is performed directly at the ‘table’ of the spectators in front of a very small number of spectators. During the show, most of the spectators have had the opportunity to interact with the magician.

The close-up magician uses various familiar everyday objects as props. Most often used are decks of cards, coins, banknotes or ropes. But sponge balls, rubber bands, dice are also very popular.

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