10 Questions for ... Pit Hartling

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The questions?

1. when and why did you become a magician?

As a hobby at the age of ten. I had seen Marvelli and was immediately on fire. As a profession in my late twenties, when I officially exmatriculated from Frankfurt’s Goethe University.

2. how would you characterise yourself in a few words?

Germany’s most successful magician in the weight class under 60 kilograms.

3. how would you describe your style?

I better leave that to others 😉

4. who and what inspires you for your art and who are your most important role models?

Juan Tamariz, Gary Larson, Douglas Adams, Woody Allen, Bill Watterson – and many, many more.

5. what do you want to trigger in the audience with your art?

You should float out of the theater as if on clouds – with a happy grin on your face, a persistent gnawing in your brain, and a comforting fuzzy feeling in your stomach.

6. what is the perfect time and place for the viewer to enjoy your art?

Any situation where the audience member(s) can and will fully engage in a performance.

7. how important is it for you to leave your comfort zone in art?

In preparation, this is unavoidable. On stage, on the other hand, I expressly want to stay within my comfort zone as much as possible.

8. what role does social media play for you?

They satisfy my vanity.

9. what are your short and long term goals or aspirations for your career as a magician?

I continue to take great pleasure in relaxing to see what ideas lurk around the next corner.

10. what advice would you give to young magicians?

Do what you do for the sake of it.

*This interview was conducted in German.


Pit Hartling (* September 25, 1976 in Frankfurt am Main) is a German magician and author of specialized books. He is co-founder of the group ‘The Flicking Fingers’ and member of the renowned Spanish school of thought ‘Escuela de Magica’. Pit became German Junior Champion in 1993 and Vice World Champion at the FISM Congress in Tokyo in 1994. His publications ‘The Little Green Notebook’, ‘Card Fictions’ and ‘In Order to Amaze’ are absolutely worth reading and an important part of magic literature and should not be missing in any well-stocked magic library.

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