Acting & Performing


We are our own instruments for our shows.

Learn to control your body, voice, language and mind and use them optimally for your performance.

When presenting your show, there are a few things to keep in mind and learn so that you can really get your performance across the way you want it to. The experienced actor and coach Philipp Manuel Rothkopf shows you what you have to train, what you have to pay attention to and what you have to consider for your show. In doing so, he addresses the essential aspects of your performance:

  1. What your body can, must or should do
  2. How to use your voice and articulation optimally
  3. What you should pay special attention to at the moment of performance

It is important to Philipp Manuel Rothkopf not only to convey gray theory, but to give you concrete exercises that you can then directly implement and work on. Again, practice makes perfect. Let an experienced coach guide you and improve your performance on all levels!

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